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Archive of the events taking place around us.

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    Montefalco: C'era una volta... a Natale

    Montefalco - Dal 04 Dec 2010 al 06 jan 2011


    The Municipality of Montefalco hosts for the second consecutive year, "C'era una volta…a Natale" an event created and organized by the Cultural Moka.
    Da Saturday 4 December 2010 a Thursday 6 January 2011 the city lights and hosts theater performances, exhibitions, concerts and tasting to create a fairytale lifestyle.

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    Sagrantino Wine Week

    Montefalco - Dal 17 al 19 September 2010


    Wine renewed his appointment for the year 2010 reaching the success of its 31st edition.
    An event of unique importance for Montefalco Umbria and throughout the region, an opportunity to promote the national designation of origin, the culinary excellence and the whole territory.

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    Agosto Montefalchese

    Montefalco - 1-21 August 2010


    Revives every year in the Montefalco "Race of Bovi," bloodless reenactment of a popular game of which they speak at length the ancient chronicles of the city. "... Tiratu hundred vraccia, strittu from 'na string ...", a prisoner, the Ox saliva, on Christmas Day, the city streets.

    Waiting for the transition to weigh the combativeness, resistance, a noisy and tumultuous crowd.
    Protected by sturdy oak railings, foretaste already the most violent emotions of the struggle against the powerful beast, the sure victory of the bravest who would shortly thereafter, challenged and overpowered.
    in the square of Certame, the "Tournament"!
    drank wine and pepper, foaming, raging, the ox vented his anger against bestial men waving scarlet rags and rag dolls urging him mockingly, against wooden barrels in which they sought refuge from his fury.
    as long as the beast, exhausted by the cruel game, is not adverse to mute the snarling dogs, which was left for the "final blow" ... on Christmas Day her flesh entertained all the boards.
    it was not family, though poor, who do not consume at least a pound, "devotion".